Suomen A Ford Klubi ry


The A Ford Club of Finland Registered Association

The A Ford Club of Finland Association was founded on January 2004. We are group of people who love not only driving vintage Ford A Models but to keep them in good condition too. Many members have restored their existing splendid machinery from poor wreckage. We have about 50 members around Finland.

The main purpose of the club is to gather all Finnish Model A Ford hobbyists together. The Club supports it's members in preserving, restoring, maintaining and driving their magnificent vehicles. We also aim to increase the exposure of the Model A both at vintage car events and in everyday traffic. In addition we want to help all hobbyists with their (automobile-related) problems be it obtaining the right special tool, spare parts or only the right piece of advice. Different kind of tips and instructions as well as moral support for A’s maintenance and renovating projects are always given.

The association organizes meetings, trips to interesting destinations and rallies. Feel free to join our gatherings even if you're not a member!

Contact information:


Mikko Haurinen, Helsinki

mikko.haurinen(at), +358 400 682187


Petteri Eskola, Helsinki

 afordklubi(at), +358 40 5284408